Philip A. Ecton

I am an amateur artist working in Fort Worth. I use non-linear algorithms to generate images of varying complexity and often generated randomly. Although I put significant effort in designing the algorithms, the non-linearity and randomness of the outcomes prevents the output from becoming too hegemonic. The vagueness of the images allows the viewer to create their own private interpretation of what is being presented even while others are viewing the same image, similar to a Rorschach inkblot. My hope is that through the viewing of these images, viewers can take away their own ideas and be inspired to create their own media adding to the information content of humanity as a whole.

Education and Degrees

Amarillo College (1994-1997)                     Associate’s Degree in Math

Texas AMU University (1996-2004)                 Bachelor’s of Science in Physics (2000)
                                                 Some Graduate Training in Math

University of North Texas (2004-2016)            Master’s Degree in Physics (2008)
                                                 Ph. D in Physics (2016)

Studied the generation of images using non-linear algorithms in BASIC as a private hobby

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