K May

“My love of drawing began with childhood stick-figure monsters, funny cartoon-strip creations and fantasy super heroes. Today, the mystical American Southwest is my obsession.  From burnt-orange sunsets to a night sky pitched full with stars, the desert is both austere and luscious, a contradiction in senses; it besets the soul with a huge expanse of light and a haunting emptiness.  Whether I am working on a large mural or a studio canvas, I strive to capture the desert’s natural beauty - from a simple mundane stone to the blue mystery of distant mountains, as well as the impact humans have had on that landscape.  

My personal inspirations cover the gamut of Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, Georgia O’Keefe, Thomas Hill and Ansel Adams.  While art studies at the University of Texas at Arlington gave me focus and the basic mechanics, nothing substitutes for true passion and love of the trade.  Because art is what you see, and anything you can see can become art.  It’s true, art is life and life is art. “ 

-K May

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