As a Christmas gift in 2011, I received a Bob Ross paint set with DVD and adequately produced my very first painting on canvas. Although a very humble beginning, the “art spark” was ignited and ever since I have pursued the exhilarating feeling of expressing myself through all kinds of art! Dabbling in art journaling with mixed media was extremely fun and liberating, and helped me realize I’m only limited by my own inhibitions!

My displayed works are more often realistic, and occasionally, I use an unconventional material that contributes to some thought provoking symbolism. Although subtle, my paintings say more than what you see from a causal glance.

I’m constantly inspired by nature...there’s beauty everywhere and in everything if we just stop to look. But by far, my strongest inspirations come from pictures I see in my mind as I read the Scriptures. The Word of God is a pure gold thread intricately woven through the tapestry of my life...if it were removed, my whole life story would fall apart! (There might be inspiration for a painting in that statement!)

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